The Future is Electric

Soljex Present EV Innovative solutions

​Soljex Shift the EV Charging into high Level

As the number of EVs rises, so too does the need for public EV charging points. The EV  market represents a profitable area for the opportunity for the private retail sector.

Soljex has joined forces to shift EV charging plans into easier mechanisms. 

Our scalable PCP solution will help you manage and profit from the featured EV charging.

soljex offer  " WCS" it's innovative wireless charging systems enables EV owner to charge their battery remotely and wireless at multiple Wireless Charging Stations while he is taking lunch on a restaurant!

“By 2030, there will be over 140 million EVs on the road globally.”

Source: International Energy Agency

Soljex  EV charging solution

Lead the future of EV  with smart EV charging for smart drivers, smart cars and smart business opportunities.



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Power Charging Points

Soljex brings a new charging systems for EV will expand the charging stations numbers by 1000% within few months.

Charging station will not be an obstacle for EVs owners any more!



Wireless Charging Point

Charging your EV remotely and wireless with Soljex innovative device. 

Charge your EV while you make shopping !


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Portable Vehicle Charger

No need to worry if you EV Batter is running low .With Soljex EV-Power bank (EVPB) you can charge our EV with enough energy until the nearest charging station

Get plugged into the future!

The future is electric and full of opportunities. With over 140,000 EVs expected to be on the road by 2030, EV charging infrastructure will need to grow proportionately. See Soljex can help you drive sustainable business growth and take advantage of these new e-mobility opportunities.


Powering e-mobility forward: critical opportunities for energy & utility companies

Energy & utility companies have a unique role to play in the evolving e-mobility ecosystem. With 140 million e-vehicles expected on the roads by 2030, approximately 12 million public charging points will be needed. Discover how a digital, integrated solutions will provide new opportunities, customers and revenue.